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Should Humans Eat Animals?


In a previous post, I presented strategies for sourcing produce in the modern food arena. This post was originally intended to demonstrate the best ways to ethically source the animals in your diet (and that will still come), but during the writing of that post, I kept thinking about and researching reasons why consuming animals properly and ethically is something positive. I consider myself very health-conscious and generally pro-environment, so often when I meet like-minded folks, they are surprised that I consume animals with such enthusiasm. Continue reading Should Humans Eat Animals?

Sunlight Series – Part 10: Sunburn Resistance Through Diet


Previously in this series, the benefits of sunlight in the form of vitamin D production were discussed along with the ramifications of vitamin D deficiency.

Along with vitamin D deficiency, another crucial benefit of sunlight (control of circadian rhythms) has been introduced. To top it all off, here’s another: sunlight on human skin increases nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which is important in regulating blood pressure and reducing risk of heart attack and stroke. Sunlight is essential to health.

Continue reading Sunlight Series – Part 10: Sunburn Resistance Through Diet

Microbes Over Medicine?

You’ve heard it before- “you are what you eat”- but generally in the context of avoiding the McGrets, putting the double cheeseburger down, and choosing to munch on fruits and veggies to be a better, healthier you. Bet your last french fry you’ve never considered what you’re eating today has the ability to change the community of trillions of microorganisms Continue reading Microbes Over Medicine?

The Human Microbiome: A Well-Animated Introduction

In terms of cell count, we are more bacteria than we are human. The modern diet and lifestyle has had a huge effect on this, and the results have been detrimental. This great five minute video released by National Public Radio (NPR) gives a introduction to the human microbiome and its critical role in human health. Continue reading The Human Microbiome: A Well-Animated Introduction

Sourcing High-Quality Food – Produce

Featured image courtesy of val’sphotos.

High-Quality Food – Produce

This post will present my strategies for sourcing high-quality food, focusing on produce, to support a healthy diet based on (mostly) unprocessed plants and animals. I will introduce the range of quality that is present in the modern food system, and how to keep the quality of plants in your diet high while keeping a lookout for tasty deals. Continue reading Sourcing High-Quality Food – Produce