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Pam is a 4th year PhD candidate in Microbiology and Immunology at UBC in Vancouver, BC where she is busy researching a new target for type 1 diabetes therapy. Her undergraduate studies in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, work in various research labs from academia to industry and participation at a variety of science conferences have exposed her to a diversity in scientific thought. Her participation in the Banff Science Communications Program and many science outreach programs including Science Rendezvous and Let's Talk Science have inspired her to communicate science from all fields. She shares her love for perfectly awkward science on her website The Big Brain Dump and she is as her Twitter handle @PamLincez describes - a futurist, realist, optimist and traveler.

Microbes Over Medicine?

You’ve heard it before- “you are what you eat”- but generally in the context of avoiding the McGrets, putting the double cheeseburger down, and choosing to munch on fruits and veggies to be a better, healthier you. Bet your last french fry you’ve never considered what you’re eating today has the ability to change the community of trillions of microorganisms Continue reading Microbes Over Medicine?