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Welcome to Sustainable Balance. The intention of this website is to host content in the form of web pages, articles, and media sharing to promote the development of a modern human lifestyle that is healthy (for individuals and our environment), productive, and in balance.

We human beings, with our oversized and uniquely powerful minds, have over millennia now reached a point where our impact on the natural world is very significant. The balance has shifted. Originally a product of this natural world, the species homo sapiens sapiens has collectively obtained and applied enough knowledge to override many intricate facets of nature. No longer shaped by our environment; we shape our environment. To an extent, this has always been true, but now it is to the extreme.

Due to the opportunities given to use by those who came before us, humans residing in the majority of the developed world are no longer required to spend a large portion of their day in search of survival necessities; we have a temporary security in our current form of stewardship. With our base needs covered fairly easily, a huge number of us now have time to think about the mysteries of the world, and learn the basic laws that have given us the power to exert control and influence over our native environment, and to explore new environments entirely. There is a seemingly endless database of absorbable information on every topic possible at the click of a button to aid us in this quest.

With this new found control, we have options. We can live according to our base instincts, or we can recognize these instincts and find a balance between instant gratification and long-term satisfaction. For the first time in history, there are billions of humans alive right now who can choose the way that they will live. This begs the question: How will YOU choose to live?

Sustainable Balance

The term Sustainable Balance reflects how the contributors to this website feel an optimal human lifestyle should ideally be. Sustainable refers to the capacity of a lifestyle to continue long-term without massive disruption to ourselves or our environment. Balance refers to the certainty that as modern humans we have the strong desire and opportunity to pursue experiences, greatness, comfort, leisure, and novelty like never before and that this is to be encouraged, while also recognizing that we are responsible for the impact our decisions have on our own bodies, minds, as well as the living environment of all the life-supporting ecosystems we come in contact with.

Moving towards a sustainable balance will take learning, effort, and imagination on a consistent basis as our world is constantly changing.  As new information and new experiences become available, this balance will shift. It will be a journey, not a destination.

The Sustainable Balance website features three main human lifestyle categories. Each main category has it’s own featured page (top link in menu) and posts within that category or their subcategories are in the menu items. Links to the pages:

  1. Health
  2. Energy and Environment
  3. Philosophy

Please, join us in creating a Sustainable Balance.

Featured photo courtesy of Charles Dawley.

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