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List of Gardening Posts:

  • A Cedar Self-Wicking Planter July 13, 2016 Graham Ballacheyplanter-in-place-sunnyIn my last post, I described the changes I had made to my balcony to increase the amount of “nature” in my apartment to provide a more soothing and relaxing environment. As part of that, my friend and I made a bare cedar self-wicking planter with a waterproof basin in the bottom. The basin holds ...
  • The Importance of Your Environment June 22, 2016 Graham Ballacheypoppies-bloomingI’d heard before that being in a natural environment was healthy. Forest bathing and those types of things were always talked up in the Primal/Paleo communities, and hey, I definitely enjoyed hiking, camping, and cottaging and all that. It just feels good. That said – I’ve also always been mostly a city boy. Growing plants ...
  • Sourcing High-Quality Food – Produce April 29, 2014 Graham Ballacheyorganic vegetables, farmer's market, farmers market, organic farmer's market, organic farmers market, produceFeatured image courtesy of val’sphotos. High-Quality Food – Produce This post will present my strategies for sourcing high-quality food, focusing on produce, to support a healthy diet based on (mostly) unprocessed plants and animals. I will introduce the range of quality that is present in the modern food system, and how to keep the quality of plants ...


Featured photo courtesy of UBC Botanical Garden.

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