Diversity Of The Mind


The nature of reality is often an anxiety-inducing question.  As human beings, we experience the universe through the lens of an individual primate with thoughts, feelings, instincts, and desires. On a physical basis, we are no different from the fabric of the observable universe; we are merely interacting particles obeying the laws of physics. The particles we are formed from arrange themselves to produce self-aware brains that recognize our existence, and during times of reflection ponder our origins and purpose.

Apart from the physical and the mental, there is the spiritual realm of our being. At close inspection, the particles of the human brain are no different from the particles that make up inanimate matter. The difference is that the particles that compose human brains, along with the particles that compose all beings, host life. Within these particles, or somehow woven between them, there may be an essence or consciousness that is our true identity. While nearly impossible to prove matter-of-factly, exploration of this concept can bring enlightenment to individuals and communities of living beings.

The Sustainable Balance philosophy recognizes the human animal along with the potential for a consciousness that transcends our physical and mental form. Categories include Life, Physics, and Spirituality.

  • Life – Posts include advice on understanding and mastering the individual vessel that you are, and how to live to your highest potential.
  • Physics – Posts on the study of our physical world, how it connects to life, and how we can harness these laws for good
  • Spirituality – Posts exploring the spiritual nature of consciousness and life


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