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  • Is Consciousness Fundamental? July 2, 2015 Graham Ballacheyillusion of mine, consciousness, metaphysics, idealismIntroduction About a year ago, I wrote an article called The Essence of Life: Two Potential Models. In that article, I explained that all the matter around us, which includes the bodies and brains of living beings, are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. These fundamental particles “swap out” all the time, and yet we ...
  • The Essence of Life: Two Potential Models May 22, 2014 Graham Ballacheysoul, life, energy, energy of the soulIntroduction – The Fabric of Life: Everything on Earth, and every other planet, is made up of the same matter. The fabric of life isĀ the particles making up allĀ matter in the universe, including the physical forms of living beings. These particles (simplified) are protons, neutrons, and electrons, with the energy coursing through these particles being massless ...


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