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The Human Microbiome: A Well-Animated Introduction

In terms of cell count, we are more bacteria than we are human. The modern diet and lifestyle has had a huge effect on this, and the results have been detrimental. This great five minute video released by National Public Radio (NPR) gives a introduction to the human microbiome and its critical role in human health. Continue reading The Human Microbiome: A Well-Animated Introduction

Sourcing High-Quality Food – Produce

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High-Quality Food – Produce

This post will present my strategies for sourcing high-quality food, focusing on produce, to support a healthy diet based on (mostly) unprocessed plants and animals. I will introduce the range of quality that is present in the modern food system, and how to keep the quality of plants in your diet high while keeping a lookout for tasty deals. Continue reading Sourcing High-Quality Food – Produce

Sunlight Series – Part 9: The Dark Side of Sunscreen

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In a previous post in this series, I wrote about how the total amount of UV radiation hitting Earth’s surface has not significantly increased, and we are probably getting less UV exposure than in the past. I then wrote about how UV radiation (UVB, specifically) produces vitamin D synthesis in the skin, and how critically important vitamin D is to our healthContinue reading Sunlight Series – Part 9: The Dark Side of Sunscreen

Paleo Diet / Primal Diet : What it is and Why it Works

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During the latter half of 2009, as part of my personal research into diet and lifestyle and its effect on human health, I immersed myself in the world of paleo/primal eating and living. This interest followed years of experimentation into different lifestyle approaches in the pursuit of the highest levels of health, which led to very mixed results.

I was one of those guys in the gym six days a week for a couple hours while playing sports regularily, and constantly consuming tons of food and supplements. I was often exhausted, dependent on caffeine, always hungry, and suffered from “irritable bowel syndrome” on and off.

My first introduction to the world of paleo/primal was Mark Sisson’s blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. A lot of what he wrote about was in line with my experiences, so I got really into it for a while. I stillpractice his approach to this day and recommend it whole-heartedly to others.

Continue reading Paleo Diet / Primal Diet : What it is and Why it Works