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Feeling Guilty about Eating Meat?

If you’re feeling guilty about eating meat, you’re not alone. I get hit with it too sometimes, even though I consume animals and plan to for life. It’s been a couple of years since I shared my thoughts on “Should Humans Eat Animals“. I still stand beside what I shared in that article. Basically, I feel like a lot of the arguments to not consume meat (of all types, not just factory farms) are overblown and largely misunderstood, and that the arguments in favour of a vegan or vegetarian diet are often not seeing the big picture (in a proper setting, not a factory farm).

That said, I still don’t support factory farming (although I occasionally compromise) and have oriented my life towards supporting farmers who are taking great care of their animals and their impact on the soil that sustains us. Continue reading Feeling Guilty about Eating Meat?

The Importance of Your Environment

I’d heard before that being in a natural environment was healthy. Forest bathing and those types of things were always talked up in the Primal/Paleo communities, and hey, I definitely enjoyed hiking, camping, and cottaging and all that. It just feels good. That said – I’ve also always been mostly a city boy. Growing plants and creating a soothing environment were not really something I thought about until recently. This post focuses on some improvements I’ve made in my life this year. I hope to encourage others who could potentially make some similar changes to do so as it has definitely helped me.  Continue reading The Importance of Your Environment

Thorium Energy – A Source of Nuclear Power

Kirk Sorensen is an advocate of a much safer and more abundant form of nuclear power that uses thorium energy as fuel. I found this documentary riveting and eye opening. Anyone who has any feelings towards nuclear power should give this a watch. Continue reading Thorium Energy – A Source of Nuclear Power

Sunlight Series: Part 6 – Ozone Depletion vs Global Dimming

Featured photo courtesy of Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre.


Earlier in the Sunlight Series I wrote about electromagnetic energy being radiated by the sun, and how it’s mostly infrared, visible light,and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Continue reading Sunlight Series: Part 6 – Ozone Depletion vs Global Dimming