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Feeling Guilty about Eating Meat?

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If you’re feeling guilty about eating meat, you’re not alone. I get hit with it too sometimes, even though I consume animals and plan to for life. It’s been a couple of years since I shared my thoughts on “Should Humans Eat Animals“. I still stand beside what I shared in that article. Basically, I feel like a lot of the arguments to not consume meat (of all types, not just factory farms) are overblown and largely misunderstood, and that the arguments in favour of a vegan or vegetarian diet are often not seeing the big picture (in a proper setting, not a factory farm).

That said, I still don’t support factory farming (although I occasionally compromise) and have oriented my life towards supporting farmers who are taking great care of their animals and their impact on the soil that sustains us.

Chris Kresser (of recently sent out an email to his subscribers linking to two articles written by registered dietician Diana Rodgers on both the ecological impact, sustainability, and the moral struggle of eating meat.

Diana does a great job of providing a perspective that differs from the usual ecological and moral dilemma involved in meat eating.

I invite you to read both her articles:

The first – Meat is Magnificient: Water, Carbon, Methane, and Nutrition. (OK, biased sounding title, but I invite you to look over her well-supported arguments nonetheless). Please note, in her arguments about water consumption in raising cattle, I noticed a discrepancy or two that you might notice as well. I think there is a little confusion resulting what “type” of water is being referenced in her numbers. Still worth a read and a think.

The second – Why is it necessary to eat animals?

That’s all for now. I love it when somebody smarter than me does the writing for me :)


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