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A Post-Carbon Energy Transition

For reference, I’m taking the following as given: climate change is real, it is caused by fossil fuel emissions, and the goal of a post-carbon energy future is an admirable one. At this point in the 21st century, I believe most well-informed people would agree with the above, but there are nuances to each of these issues which prevents global consensus.

Climate change may be real, but its impact both short and long-term is unknown. The same could be said for the effect carbon emissions have on climate. We know it’s increasing average temperatures, but the exact cause and effect is poorly understood. Lastly, a post-carbon energy future is the ultimate goal in eventually restoring some kind of balance with the planet, but at what point can we make the switch? The answer to this question can be nebulous, black and white, or yet to be proven… depending on what you believe to be possible. The difficulty in answering this question is that energy touches almost every aspect of human civilization, so proposing any kind of dramatic shift in the way energy is produced, consumed, or priced will have profound effects on our society. Continue reading A Post-Carbon Energy Transition

Energy is Awesome

Energy is not an abstract concept, but it can be hard to visualize. Energy comes in many forms such as heat, movement, electricity, and can be stored in many forms for future use. When thinking about high-quality lifestyles, which is the focus of Sustainable Balance, I often come back to our consumption of energy. As much as I sometimes harsh on industrialization (and its effect on our fitness, nutrition, and sleep), I am in many ways lucky to live in an industrialized nation (Canada).

Continue reading Energy is Awesome

Sunlight Series: Part 6 – Ozone Depletion vs Global Dimming

Featured photo courtesy of Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre.


Earlier in the Sunlight Series I wrote about electromagnetic energy being radiated by the sun, and how it’s mostly infrared, visible light,and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Continue reading Sunlight Series: Part 6 – Ozone Depletion vs Global Dimming

Sunlight Series: Part 5 – Solar Irradiance and Earth’s Atmosphere

Featured image courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.


I began this series by opining that using sunscreen is a misguided approach to protecting yourself from the sun’s radiation (unless under extreme circumstances), and that we should, in fact, be exposing our bare skin to unfiltered sunlight regularly.  By the end of this series (still another few posts), I really hope I will have you convinced! Continue reading Sunlight Series: Part 5 – Solar Irradiance and Earth’s Atmosphere