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The Diminishing Returns of Strength Training

Featured photo courtesy of Gregor Winter.


The day before I started a new job, it was a rainy winter’s day in North Vancouver, but I felt pretty good.  I wanted to avoid trying to fit a gym session into my first couple days at the new job, so the day before I started I decided to go hard and make it count so I could take a few days off. Continue reading The Diminishing Returns of Strength Training

How to Get Stronger: Track Your Strength

Featured photo courtesy of symphony of love. Note: This was originally written at my other blog, so the dates may seem a little off. I found the article still had value, so I reposted it here. Enjoy!


Here’s what I see happen with great frequency: Someone will decide to get fit/in shape, and will commit to a fitness routine that is either ineffective, or way more than they really need involving hours of training a day or multiple different goals all at once.  Continue reading How to Get Stronger: Track Your Strength

The Context of Vices

 Featured photo courtesy of Dave Stokes.

Anyone who knows me knows me as a very health-conscious guy, but not a guy free of vices.  I promote habits that produce happy, healthy, strong, productive people, but in the right context I also promote some activities that directly oppose my usual recommendations.

Am I inconsistent?  Maybe, but really it’s all part of the plan.