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Bring the Intensity

Why We Exercise

Exercise is healthy. At this point, I don’t really need to defend that particular notion. It just feels good and right to move around and use these magnificent tools we’ve been given; our bodies. When we avoid movement for too long, our muscles, bones, and connective tissue atrophy, and we are not able to accomplish as much with our bodies as before. Even worse – bodies that are never challenged don’t get particularly fit and strong in the first place.

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How to Get Stronger: Track Your Strength

Featured photo courtesy of symphony of love. Note: This was originally written at my other blog, so the dates may seem a little off. I found the article still had value, so I reposted it here. Enjoy!


Here’s what I see happen with great frequency: Someone will decide to get fit/in shape, and will commit to a fitness routine that is either ineffective, or way more than they really need involving hours of training a day or multiple different goals all at once.  Continue reading How to Get Stronger: Track Your Strength

Ways to Get Stronger: No Gym Required

Featured image courtesy of John Niedermayer.


My previous post was an efficient strength training routine for an individual who is comfortable in a weight lifting/gym environment and using barbells. Continue reading Ways to Get Stronger: No Gym Required