Sleep Series: Part 1 – Introduction

Featured image courtesy of Sean MacEntee.


There are two versions of Graham Ballachey.  It’s something of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dichotomy.  I can be either of the following: 1. A positive, energetic, intelligent, friendly, patient, and adaptable man who handles (most) stress with ease; or Continue reading Sleep Series: Part 1 – Introduction

The Context of Vices

 Featured photo courtesy of Dave Stokes.

Anyone who knows me knows me as a very health-conscious guy, but not a guy free of vices.  I promote habits that produce happy, healthy, strong, productive people, but in the right context I also promote some activities that directly oppose my usual recommendations.

Am I inconsistent?  Maybe, but really it’s all part of the plan.

Sustainable, high-quality human lifestyles.