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Why hello. I'm Graham. I was born in Brantford, Ontario, and growing up I also lived (in order) in Montreal, Quebec; Burlington, Ontario; and Calgary, Alberta. I then attended the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia where I majored in physics. I then moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where I earned a Master's degree in mechanical engineering. After grad school, I relocated to where I am now: Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm truly passionate about learning and sharing knowledge on how to optimize the human experience in our modern world. From our physical bodies, to our powerful minds, to our environmental impact, to our spiritual manifestation, human beings are the dominant expression of life on this planet Earth. It is my intention with Sustainable Balance to explore and optimize the human form and our impact on the universe on all levels, and share this with others. An effective human lifestyle must embrace our physical manifestation while also pursuing spiritual ideals: A Sustainable Balance of all that makes us what we are. Explore with me!

Sleep Series: Part 1 – Introduction

Featured image courtesy of Sean MacEntee.


There are two versions of Graham Ballachey.  It’s something of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dichotomy.  I can be either of the following: 1. A positive, energetic, intelligent, friendly, patient, and adaptable man who handles (most) stress with ease; or Continue reading Sleep Series: Part 1 – Introduction

The Context of Vices

 Featured photo courtesy of Dave Stokes.

Anyone who knows me knows me as a very health-conscious guy, but not a guy free of vices.  I promote habits that produce happy, healthy, strong, productive people, but in the right context I also promote some activities that directly oppose my usual recommendations.

Am I inconsistent?  Maybe, but really it’s all part of the plan.